Taking the Road Less Traveled

First car trip with the baby!  Our friends kindly invited us to their house in Steamboat Springs, CO this past weekend.  This will be our first road trip in Colorado since we’ve moved here, as well as the first trip with the baby.  The trip immediately started out with drama — a snow storm is on the way!  Despite our efforts we got stuck on what I believe folks call “the pass” (the Eisenhower Pass) with snow pounding down.  Shortly after going through “the pass” we landed in Silverthorne, CO and found chaos, I-70 was shut down Eastbound and there were long lines in an already packed city.  Ned and I chose to brave the snow and continue on.  Over 5 hours later we landed in Steamboat Springs.

Are you wondering how I entertained a six month old for 5 hours?  My tactics included the following: 

1. Baby Einstein Song Maker — the toy flashes colors, plays music and is easy for him to push the button for both.  There’s also a section of the toy where he can grasp little tiny rings, which is helping him with his ability to grasp smaller objects

2. Black and White Book — our family is a huge fan of black and white books.  Cash could stare at these books for hours.  This and a pacifier equal instant calm

3. Never Touch a Polar Bear Book — a great sensory book

4. Wooden Rattle — a car trip would not be complete without a noise maker. We had a few in the bag, but he really likes this one! 

5. Teething Ring — Cash was teething on this trip, so we packed up this one which comes with a travel case

6. Pacifier — Cash doesn’t really use a pacifier but when he’s very bored or fussy this one seems to calm him down. We tried other ones but no success….(are your babies fussy with pacifiers?)

On our way back, instead of going back through I-70 to get to Coal Creek, we decided to take a detour to Fort Collins, CO to see our friend’s new baby.  We took a “shortcut” through the Roosevelt and Arapahoe National Park on Route 14, a road trip I’d encourage others to take on their way back to Denver or Fort Collins. We saw a moose, avalanche warnings and loads of mountain goats off (and on) the road.  Just a really interesting and beautiful scenic drive.  It was definitely a bit longer than the Google Maps suggested route, but was one of my favorite road trips for scenery and sites.  Given how much Cash spent looking out the window, I’d suspect he agrees! My favorite highlight below (thanks to Ned for getting way closer than I would ever get!).  

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